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TCBL Season - 2017 / 2018 


TCBL has shifted its emphasis from individual team registration to a program registration.

TCBL registration for the 2017 2018 season will start on Saturday, September 9th. Please note that TCBL is accepting a team registration as long as it is part of a youth basketball program, which consists of 4 or more teams that belong to the same town or school district program, any combination of boys or girls teams and complies with the TCBL team definition eligibility requirements. 

The annual TCBL Kick Off meeting will be Friday, October 13th at the New Castle Town Hall. While TCBL has always had a Kick Off meeting, the venue has changed. It is a mandatory meeting for Program Directors and his/her respective designee, but coaches, especially those new to TCBL, are encouraged to attend as well.  


With the growth in the league, from 16 to 175 teams, leadership has decided that due to changes with towns, programs, TCBL leadership, newer coaches, paid coaches and administrators, the “program director policy” was added. I think all of us will agree that for a variety of reasons, it is in everyone’s best interest to have knowledgeable, contemporary program directors working with TCBL leadership and visaversa.


On a separate note, Russ Hoffman and I will be co-commissioners of the girls division this year.


Please contact me should you have any questions.


Greg Fleming

TCBL VP Operations Director





2017-2018 Semi Finals and Championship Games

Boys & Girls Division


Girls Regular Season Ends:  2/17/18

Girls Tournament Seeding Issued: 2/26/18

Girls Quarter Finals:  2/27-3/1/18

Girls Semi Finals


Saturday, March 3, at Seven Bridges Middle School:


9.00 am:  TCBL Girls 5B

10.15 am: TCBL Girls 5B

11.30 am: TCBL Girls 5A

12.45 pm: TCBL Girls 5A

2:00 pm: TCBL Girls 6B

3.15 pm: TCBL Girls 6B

4.30 pm: TCBL Girls 6A

5.45 pm: TCBL Girls 6A


Saturday, March 3, at Horace Greeley HS:


 1.30 pm: TCBL Girls 4 Championship


Sunday, March 4, at Seven Bridges Middle School:


9.00 am:   TCBL Girls 7B

10.15 am: TCBL Girls 7B

11.30 am: TCBL Girls 7A

12.45 pm: TCBL Girls 7A

2:00 pm: TCBL Girls 8A

3.15 pm: TCBL Girls 8B

4.30 pm: TCBL Girls 8B

5.45 pm: TCBL Girls 7C Championship



Girls Championships…


Saturday March 10, 2018… at Seven Bridges Middle School: 


09.00 am:   TCBL Girls 5B

10.30 am: TCBL Girls 5A

12.00 pm: TCBL Girls 6B

1.30   pm: TCBL Girls 6A

3:00   pm: TCBL Girls 7B

4:30   pm: TCBL Girls 7A

6:00   pm: TCBL Girls 8B

7:30   pm: TCBL Girls 8A



Boys Regular Season Ends:  2/28/18

Boys Tournament Seeding Issued: 3/2/18

Boys Quarter Finals:  3/3-3/8/18, Grades 5/6

Boys Quarter Finals 3/3-3/15, Grades 7/8



Boys Semi Finals/Championships…


Saturday March 10, 2018…Horace Greeley

1:30 pm: TCBL Boys 4 Championship


Sunday March 11, 2018… at Seven Bridges Middle School: 


09.00 am: TCBL Boys 5B

10.15 am: TCBL Boys 5B

11.30 am: TCBL Boys 5A

12:45 pm: TCBL Boys 5A

2:00   pm: TCBL Boys 6B

3:15   pm: TCBL Boys 6B

4:30   pm: TCBL Boys 6A

5:45   pm: TCBL Boys 6A



Boys Semi Championships…


Saturday March 17, 2018… at Seven Bridges Middle School:

09.00 am: TCBL Boys 7B

10.15 am: TCBL Boys 7B

11.30 am: TCBL Boys 7A

12:45 pm: TCBL Boys 7A

2:00   pm: TCBL Boys 8B

3:15   pm: TCBL Boys 8B

4:30   pm: TCBL Boys 8A

5:45   pm: TCBL Boys 8A


Boys Championships…


Sunday March 18, 2018… at Seven Bridges Middle School: 


09.00 am: TCBL Boys 5B

10.30 am: TCBL Boys 5A

12.00 pm: TCBL Boys 6B

1.30   pm: TCBL Boys 6A

3:00   pm: TCBL Boys 7B

4:30   pm: TCBL Boys 7A

6:00   pm: TCBL Boys 8B

7:30   pm: TCBL Boys 8A