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The Scheduling Meetings for All Divisions (Boys and Girls)

for the 20th TCBL Basketball Season (2016 / 2017)

will be held from November 7, 2016 to 
November 11, 2016
at Bell Middle School (Chappaqua / New Castle)  
at Time (to be confirmed)
Each team MUST bring a list of home dates and times for scheduling games.
Please keep in mind that TCBL expects the games to be played as scheduled 
except in the case of bad weather or unexpected school or facility closings.
November 7th-11th   Scheduling Meetings    Location
November 7th    Boys & Girls, 8th Grade   Bell Middle School
November 9th   Boys & Girls, 7th Grade   Bell Middle School
November 10th   Boys & Girls, 6th Grade   Bell Middle School
November 11th   Boys & Girls  4th/5th Grade   Bell Middle School