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Pleasantville Dad's Club


Registration begins today through Friday, October 6th for all players (boys and girls) in grades 4-8 interested in trying out for Dad's Club travel basketball teams that will compete in the Tri County Basketball League (TCBL).  This is a tight window and we need everyone to adhere to the dates so that we can schedule tryouts for the week of 10/9. Travel Basketball is the most competitive youth basketball program offered in Pleasantville. All Travel players (except grades 7th/8th) are required to participate in the Dad's Club Recreational Basketball program as well. The Recreational level league is based on skill development and team building to offer all level of player the opportunity to play equally in a fun environment.  Travel players are required to participate in order to further their development working on skills, sharing the basketball, and helping all the players in our programs improve. The mid-level program between Recreational Dad's Club and Travel is the CYO program run through Holy Innocents church - the CYO registration deadline is today and additional registrations after today are only being considered on an exception basis if players are needed.  


TCBL is a competitive basketball league throughout Westchester County.  Our TCBL teams will be selected by an independent, impartial evaluator.  Rosters will be tight to allow coaches the opportunity to manage playing time to field a competitive team.  Playing time will be "fair, not equal" with the goal being to put every player in a competitively appropriate situation which affords the team the best chance to win.  This competitive option is not necessarily right for every player and skill levels will change dramatically from year to year with young children - the composition of the teams can certainly vary from year to year as children all develop at different rates. If Travel sounds right for your child, please register ASAP on our site, there will be a small fee for the tryout ($25). All players must be registered by Friday, 10/6.  


Please register here: