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2017-2018 Tri-County Basketball Information


The Tri-County Basketball teams for the 2017/2018 season will start in the first week in October.  
The purpose of Tri-County is to provide a fun, competitive  basketball environment  to learn more 
about the game, and play games against other neighboring towns. The tryouts will take place during 
the scheduled times below.

Each team will have a total of 14 games, before the playoffs. Typically the games are split between 
home games and away games.  There will be at least one practice per week, and typically one away 
game on Saturday and one home game on Sunday.  The players who do not have shorts and jerseys will 
be required to purchase them.  All of the parents will be asked to  pay for the cost of the team, 
as this includes uniforms, referee  fees, Tri-County fees, court  practice time, insurance, and 
possibly independent, third party coaches.

The tryouts will be conducted by a neutral third party coach, who will evaluate the players, and 
make the roster for the team.  All kids, whether or not they were on the team last year will need 
to tryout  again. Please feel free to come to the tryouts, for the team.  You must attend  the 
tryouts  in order to play on the team.   Please instruct your children to wear shorts and sneakers. 
If they have a reversible blue and white jersey or shirt, please have them wear that.

Try Out information

Team                           Date /Time                                       Location
5th Grade Girls          October 4- 6:30 - 8:00pm                  Todd School

5th Grade Boys          October 6- 6:30- 8:00pm             Todd School

6th Grade Boys          October 3- 6:30- 8:00pm             Todd School

7th Grade Boys         October 3 - 8:00- 9:30pm                  Todd School

8th Grade Boys         October 4- 8:00 - 9:30pm                  Todd School


More Tri-County Information-

The Tri-County Basketball League, Inc. (TCBL) was founded  to promote  competitive  basketball for 
young people residing in Westchester, Fairfield and Putnam Counties.

Encouraging fitness, leadership, team spirit and good sportsmanship has always been the primary 
purpose of the organization, which  originated  out  of  a fellowship  and cooperation  among 
coaches in  various communities,  including Carmel, New Castle, North Salem, Pleasantville, 
Ridgefield, Scarsdale, Somers and Yorktown Heights.

TCBL is a non-profit organization  dedicated to the development  of student athletes, recognizing 
that individuals
can combine good academics while playing competitive  sports.